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T-REQS: Meet the Experts

Dr. Robert Carlson, Kent State University – Dr. Carlson is a leading limnologist in the US and was a member of the Technical Experts Panel for the Lakes Biocriteria Guidance and also for the Nutrient Criteria Guidance.  He developed an ecological index to measure nutrient loads in lakes.

Dr. Walter Dodds, Kansas State University– Dr. Dodds is an internationally renowned aquatic ecologist and the author of a leading textbook on freshwater ecology.  His research interests include nutrient cycling in aquatic ecosystems, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in lakes and streams.  A specific focus has been on the effects of nutrients on microbial and algal communities, as well as entire stream food webs.

Dr. Don Huggins, University of Kansas – Dr. Huggins is a Senior Scientist and Director of Ecotoxicology at the Kansas Biological Survey as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Kansas.  His research focuses on the quantification of anthropogenic disturbances on aquatic ecosystems. 

Dr. Jack Jones, University of Missouri – Dr. Jones served on the review panel for the Lakes Nutrient Criteria Guidance and is known for his research on nutrients in lakes.

Dr.Todd Rasmussen, University of Georgia - Dr. Rasmussen is one of the authors of the US EPA’s Nutrient Criteria on Wetlands as well as an Associate Professor of Hydrology at the University of Georgia.  He specializes in surface and groundwater transport; focusing on physical, chemical, mathematical, and statistical description and quantification.

Dr. Ken Reckow, Duke University – Dr. Reckow is a nationally recognized statistician who has worked with EPA for two decades on proper study design for monitoring and assessment programs.  His primer on ecological statistics has served as a guide for many biological programs and other ecological initiatives to further state monitoring programs.

Dr. Jan Stevenson, Michigan State University – Dr. Stevenson is a leading phycologist in the US, and has worked extensively with EPA and the States on algal biological methods and nutrient criteria initiatives.  He has conducted numerous workshops on the use of algae as response indicators to nutrient enrichment and is currently working with several states on implementing nutrient assessment programs.

Mr. Clayton Creager, California North Coast Regional Control Board - Mr. Creager is working to restore the Klamath River, as well as supporting the Region 9 Technical Advisory Group, which includes the California State Water Resources Control Board, all nine CA Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and other interest groups.

Dr. Jeroen Gerritsen, Tetra Tech – Dr. Gerritsen is an aquatic ecologist with over 25 years of experience in aquatic environmental sciences.  He served as a member of a scientific workgroup to prepare guidance for developing nutrient criteria for lakes and reservoirs for US EPA’s Office of Water.  He was the principal author of two chapters:  Characterizing Reference Conditions and Data Analysis.  He has directed development of a statistical design and sampling plan to examine the biological effects of nutrient enrichment on rivers of the glaciated plains of Montana and North Dakota for US EPA Region 8.

Dr. Michael Paul, Tetra Tech – Dr. Paul is an aquatic ecosystem ecologist and is the Project Manager of the Nutrient Technical Support Center.  He has more than 14 years of experience studying nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon cycling in streams from New Hampshire to Georgia and is an experienced aquatic nutrient chemist.  He analyzed lake data in Florida to help develop primary nutrient, chlorophyll, and secchi depth criteria for different lake types in the state.  He also led the design, implementation, and analysis of a study to develop stream nutrient criteria for Hawaii based on biological stream condition.  His primary fields of study are freshwater ecology, statistical design, and analysis.

Dr. Eugene Welch, Tetra Tech – Dr. Eugene Welch, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, brings over 40 years experience in water quality and fisheries investigations to this project.  He is internationally recognized for his contribution to the understanding and management of our streams, lakes, and reservoirs due to his research and consulting in assessing/interpreting/predicting the response of water bodies to nutrients and the effectiveness of lake restoration techniques.

Dr. Lei Zheng, Tetra Tech – Dr. Zheng is an algal ecologist with extensive experience in the field of environmental sciences in both freshwater and marine systems. His primary interests are algal ecology, stream ecology, and wetland ecology. He has a strong background in periphyton assessment and nutrient criteria development. He has helped many states develop target nutrient criteria using algae and macroinvertebrates.

Disclaimer: The Nutrient Scientific Technical Exchange Partnership and Support website is a partnership among academic, state, and federal agencies to provide technical support to state and tribal agencies for the development of nutrient criteria.